Monday, May 30, 2011

Words about Birds

Hey everyone, I am now moving to a new site that is also called Words about Birds and can be found at I would like to thank all of my readers and am hoping that everyone will continue to follow my posts at my new site. Thanks again!

Palo Verde Ecological Reserve

I spent three hours birding the Palo Verde Ecological Reserve just north of Blythe, CA this morning. I totaled 32 species with highlights being White-tailed Kite, Western Tanager, Willow Flycatcher, and a female Cooper's Hawk carrying nesting material. Here are some photos of the White-tailed Kite and others from this morning:

White-tailed Kite

White-tailed Kite

Black-headed Grosbeak

Willow Flycatcher

Blue Grosbeak
Palo Verde Ecological Reserve

Friday, May 27, 2011

Audubon Owls iPod Touch App Review

This app is great for any birder or nature enthusiast interested in North American Owls! The app is filled with the 19 owls that occur throughout North America. For each species, the app has multiple images, the range map, several calls, and a detailed description. In addition, there is a Natural History of Owls on the app that provides general information on owls as a whole. The app also contains several videos showing multiple adaptations that help owls live the way they do. Audubon also added a fun feature to this app called Owl Fun, which contains a set of puzzles, a audio quiz, and a photo quiz for those who want a challenge on their owl ID. So for any owl enthusiast, this is the app for you. You can enjoy all 19 owls of North America in one easy to navigate app that is now free at this link. Below are some screenshots off of an iPod Touch to show a couple features of the app. Remember Audubon has many great apps that can be viewed at this  link.

Palo Verde Ecological Reserve Barn Owl and White-tailed Kite & Bronzed Cowbird in the Yard!

As I was surveying a restoration site along the Lower Colorado River in California, I flushed a Barn Owl from a roost. About an hour later, I flushed the bird again from another roost where I found an owl pellet, which I haven't dissected yet, but plan to in the next couple of days. Throughout the site, I observed a couple Townsend's Warblers and many Warbling Vireos. When we were walking back to the truck, a raptor flew out from the trees and at first I thought Northern Harrier because it was all white with black on the wings. It turned out to be a White-tailed Kite! That was my life bird number 300! I was able to snap a few photos of it as it was flying away, but hey they are better than nothing!

White-tailed Kite (photo by Tim Schreckengost)

White-tailed Kite (photo by Tim Schreckengost)
Last evening, we had a pleasant surprise to our feeders a Bronzed Cowbird! It was foraging on the ground with the White-winged, Eurasian Collared, and Mournind Doves!

Bronzed Cowbird (photo by Tim Schreckengost)