Friday, May 27, 2011

Palo Verde Ecological Reserve Barn Owl and White-tailed Kite & Bronzed Cowbird in the Yard!

As I was surveying a restoration site along the Lower Colorado River in California, I flushed a Barn Owl from a roost. About an hour later, I flushed the bird again from another roost where I found an owl pellet, which I haven't dissected yet, but plan to in the next couple of days. Throughout the site, I observed a couple Townsend's Warblers and many Warbling Vireos. When we were walking back to the truck, a raptor flew out from the trees and at first I thought Northern Harrier because it was all white with black on the wings. It turned out to be a White-tailed Kite! That was my life bird number 300! I was able to snap a few photos of it as it was flying away, but hey they are better than nothing!

White-tailed Kite (photo by Tim Schreckengost)

White-tailed Kite (photo by Tim Schreckengost)
Last evening, we had a pleasant surprise to our feeders a Bronzed Cowbird! It was foraging on the ground with the White-winged, Eurasian Collared, and Mournind Doves!

Bronzed Cowbird (photo by Tim Schreckengost)

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