Saturday, January 8, 2011

Horned, Larks and Grebes

This morning I decided to check surrounding farm fields near State College for Horned Larks, Snow Buntings, and Lapland Longspurs. I managed to find a few flocks of Horned Larks, but no buntings or longspurs. Flocks ranged from 3 birds to over 20 birds. I found flocks off of Tusseyville Rd. and Williams Rd. The larks were foraging on or right next to the road because the snow was too deep for them to forage in the corn stubble.

At the Duck Pond, thanks to Joe Verica, I found the Horned Grebe that was reported this morning. Along with the grebe, the male Northern Shoveler and Redhead were present along with the regulars.

Flock of Horned Larks along Tusseyville Rd. (1/8/2011)

Flock of Horned Larks on Williams Rd. (1/8/2011)

Northern Shoveler & American Coot at Duck Pond (1/8/2011)

Horned Grebe at Duck Pond (1/8/2011)
I was also looking for winter raptors, but the only raptor I saw was a lone Red-tailed Hawk soaring near Beaver Stadium.

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