Sunday, January 23, 2011

Online Article: "How seabirds share their habitat"

I found an interesting article on Science Daily titled "How seabirds share their habitat". The article was very interesting and studied how 3 species of penguin and a species of cormorant that share the same habitat and are able to breed together on the same island. Each species would either hunt for food in the day or at night. Other species would hunt so far away from the other also. A very interesting article and intriguing research.

ScienceDaily (2011-01-13) -- When different species of seabirds share a habitat with limited sources of food, they must differ in their feeding habits. This specialization is known by biologists as an “ecological niche”. Researchers have investigated how flexible these ecological niches really are. They discovered that the preying habits of diving seabirds are very different, both in location and timing, within species as well as between different species.

Gentoo Penguins (Credit: Petra Quillfeldt)

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