Tuesday, January 4, 2011

First Day of Birding in Centre County 2011

To start off my Big Year, I decided to pick up some local species around State College. I started at the Duck Pond around 8:30 and picked up 12 species. Highlights at the Duck Pond were Northern Shoveler, Redhead, and Ring-necked Duck. Joe Verica arrived after I started to scan the pond to try and add to his Centre County year list. Joe noted that there had been a few Pine Siskins at Nick Kerlins feeders in State College, so I birded the Bike Path from Blue Course Dr. to N. Atherton St. to try and find the birds. I ended up striking out on the siskins but picked up a few more year species including Northern Mockingbird, American Tree Sparrow, and Carolina Wren. Below are complete species lists and individual numbers from my morning along with a couple photos from the Duck pond.

Location:     Duck Pond (Centre Furnace Pond)
Observation date:     1/4/11
Number of species:     12

Canada Goose - Branta canadensis     50
American Black Duck - Anas rubripes     2
Mallard - Anas platyrhynchos     60
Northern Shoveler - Anas clypeata     1
Redhead - Aythya americana     1
Ring-necked Duck - Aythya collaris     1
American Coot - Fulica americana     5
Belted Kingfisher - Megaceryle alcyon     1
Downy Woodpecker - Picoides pubescens     1
Blue Jay - Cyanocitta cristata     2
American Crow - Corvus brachyrhynchos     3
Tufted Titmouse - Baeolophus bicolor     2
Location:     Bike Path
Observation date:     1/4/11
Number of species:     12

Downy Woodpecker - Picoides pubescens     2
Blue Jay - Cyanocitta cristata     3
American Crow - Corvus brachyrhynchos     1
Black-capped Chickadee - Poecile atricapillus     5
Tufted Titmouse - Baeolophus bicolor     4
Carolina Wren - Thryothorus ludovicianus     1
Northern Mockingbird - Mimus polyglottos     2
American Tree Sparrow - Spizella arborea     1
Dark-eyed Junco (Slate-colored) - Junco hyemalis hyemalis/carolinensis     8
Northern Cardinal - Cardinalis cardinalis     1
House Finch - Carpodacus mexicanus     1
House Sparrow - Passer domesticus     10
American Coot (Duck Pond 1/4/2011)

Mallards (Duck Pond 1/4/2011)
I totaled 22 species for my Big Year list and for my Centre County list. I plan on
heading to Bald Eagle State Park in the morning to search for the Northern Shrike
and any other new species for the year.

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