Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Birding Sinnemahoning State Park (9/5/2010)

I birded Sinnemahoning State Park this past Sunday for a few hours. I started at the George B. Stevenson Dam  and observed a flock of Canada Geese as well as two Belted Kingfishers. As soon as I got out of the car I heard a Eastern Screech-Owl calling. After  I got done birding around the dam I headed back towards the camp. I birded about a mile down First Fork Creek and observed a few good species. I saw a Common Yellowthroat as well as a family of Common Mergansers. I was watching the Common Mergansers and an Osprey that I saw earlier perched in a tree was fishing extremely close to the mergansers. The Osprey then flew upstream and immediately a Bald Eagle came downstream and perched in a tree about 50 yards away from me. Later in the morning, we were sitting around the campfire and the Bald Eagle flew right over the camp up to the mountain ridge.
Osprey (9/5/2010)
Canada Geese (9/5/2010) Taking off from the lake over the George B. Stevenson Dam
Bald Eagle (9/5/2010) Flew over me and perched in a tree.

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